Bathing Beaches

There are plenty of opportunities to have a nice, warm bath in the Atlantic Ocean. From October to May you have 7 - 8 hours of sun daily, and the water temperature is about 19/20 degrees. If you go for a ride, bring along your swimwear, you will without any doubt come across a bathing beach.

It’s also possible to go bathing near the hotel areas, but these beaches are usually very crowded with tourists.

To the north at the city Santa Cruz on the road to San Andres, you find the beach Las Teristas (see the picture), made of sand brought in from Sahara

On the southern coast, you find beaches from Los Christianos and further up the eastern shore. Esecially Playa de la Tejita at Punta Roja is a good beach, as is Playa del Medano on the other side of the red rock, but often more windy.

On the western coast there are bathing possibilities along the shore all the way to Adeje. There are beaches with sand, and you can find the opportunity to swim from the rocks. It’s very refreshing to jump in the ocean, but remember to bring sunblock and lots of beverages.

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