Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the administrative capital on Tenerife. There’s a lot of traffic, so try and find a parking space in the centre of the city – perhaps at the harbour or the church Iglesia de la Concepcion It’s not far from the shopping areas.

You should also visit the local market. Cross the river on the bridge Punta Serrador. Here you can buy everything; fruit, meat, flowers, spices, fish. In February/March you can also buy a small, yellow fruit, Nippo. It tastes refreshingly, and back home the nut can turn into a beautiful plant. It’s also possible to buy saffron, a spice that is very expensive in Europe. In Denmark the prize is about 20 kr. for 1 gram. In the market you can buy two bags of 40 grams for 40 kr.

Santa Cruz is an exciting city. You can find everything that belongs to a capitol. From here there’s also a lively traffic towards Gran Canaria and you will also find that the big tourist steamships call the harbour here.

If you want to go to the beach, drive along the harbour towards San Andres.

Soon you arrive at Playa de la Teresitas. The sand on this beach is sand imported from Sahara. If you are not tempted to take a bath, you can drive on to Igueste. The road winds its way up the mountain, where Igueste lies in a warm valley. Take a walk to the church.

You are now on the Anaga peninsula, some of the geologically oldest part of the island. The roads are winding, and several places you’ll find an amazing view.

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