The Northern Shore

The road takes you across Santiago del Teide and further on to Garachico. It’s a beautiful trip that takes you up high. You drive through bigger and smaller towns where it’s possible to enjoy the view, and after several hairpin bends you end up in Garachico. The town was hit by a lava flood 1706, and parts of the town were destroyed. Along the harbour you can see how the floods continued into the ocean. It’s also a nice town with shopping opputunities. You can go visit the church, have something to eat or just relax by the sea.

If you go to the west and through Los Silos you arrive at Buenavista de Norte, which also lies by the ocean surrounded by orchards. Further on to the west, the road takes you through several tunnels and finally ends up on a seaside plateau. This is at your own risk, as the road may be dangerous in case of bad weather.

Another town in the heights on the western part of the island is Masca. The travelling agencies call this ”the hidden city”. It’s not “hidden” anymore. It’s also worth a visit. Enjoy the walk through the city, buy honey, spices and oranges.

It’s possible to take a walk in the area, fx through the barrancos to the ocean.

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