Tenerife is a beautiful island located in the Atlantic Ocean about 300 km´s west of the North African coast. It is one of the seven Canary Islands and like the other islands it is of volcanic origin. The central part of the island, Las Canadas, rises more than 2000 meters above the surface of the sea and in the midle of the area lays the most significant volcano, Teide. Its peak reaches a height of 3718 meters. This makes Tenerife the highest of the seven Canary Islands, which is part of why Tenerife is very special. Pico del teide is also the highest muntain in Spain. No matter where you are on the island, ”Pico is watching you”. If you’re lucky, the top of the mountain is covered with snow, a beautiful sight.

Most guests prefer the southern part of the island, where the weather is mostly fine. It rains less here, as the aera is sheltered from the rain coming from the trade winds on the northern part.  The flora is marked by the dry environment, the conditions are almost desert-like. The climate is mostly mild and constant. In spite of the islands location far south and close to the Sahara Desert, the position of the islands in the Atlantic with relatively cool waters from the north, stabilizes the climate with moderate temperatures. 

We have visited Tenerife about fifteen times. In the beginning we used to read what we were able to find about the island, but often we were dissapointed, while many books we found often were copies of the same material, and the same illustations.

Usually we rent a car for some days and drive out on our own. A good map, knowing a few spanish words and you’re pretty good off. The experience is much different from the excursions the travelling agencies organize. Renting a car is cheaper, especially for at family with children.

Our purpose is to share our experiences, and let you know about sightseeings, that are often left out by medias and guides.

We wish you a nice trip to Tenerife

We use the car rent MIKA. You find it opposite the hotel Columbus on the corner of the hotel Piramides.

MIKA - Rent a Car
Santiago Puig
Centro Comercial Paraiso Royal 37 – Phone: 922.752.04 04 -
Mobil: (+0034) 619.278.606

The prizing is fair, and we recommend that you rent your car there.

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