Often tourists like to go out in the evening, and there are plenty of oppotunities. Usually, there is entertainment and dancing at the hotel where you stay. Then your bed is not far away.

If you want to go out that’s also possible. In the city you will find several possibilities such as discotheques, stand-up, live football transmissions and all sorts of entertainment and shows. It’s also possible to enjoy a dinner. Compared to Danish prizes it’s cheap to eat out, about half the prize.

A speciality are ”Papas Canarias”, which consists of popatoes boiled in seawater with its peel on. This causes the salt to create a layer of salt crystals on the potatoes. They are often served with canarian ”Mojo Rojo” or ”Mojo Verde”; a red or green, spicy sauce.

Another speciality is the Paella, a classic. It is made in a big iron pot with saffron rice, chicken, virgin lobster, scallops etc. Order Paella from the ordinary menu card and it should be home-made. Order a bottle of white wine to drink along with you dinner.

The food varies from the easy to the better meal. At noon you can easily have enough to eat from a salad dish or an omelet. If you are on a trip, it is profitable to bring along or buy some bread, butter and sandwich spread. Then, when you get back ”home”, you are about to get hungry and ready for dinner and a nice bottle of wine. Later in the evening, you can end the day on the balcony, having a midnight snack and a bottle of white wine or a Spanish beer. If you need a toothpick ask for a pallilos (balijos)

Remember, that the water may hold bacteria different from those in our own drinking water, and usually the water is chlorinated. You may use it to brush your teeth, but you should buy water for drinking in supermarkets. It comes in bottles and cans. You can get it with (con gas) and without (sin gas). You also need to know the words ”con” and ”sin” when you refuel – with or without lead.

But remenber when you return to the hotel and may be in a happy mood; sounds travel in the buildings, and some guests may not be interested in you experiences of the day.

White wine is a broad concept, some are sweet and some dry. A white wines like Esmeralda, Vina Sol and Raimat you won’t go barking up the wrong trees.

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