The Canary Islands have been known through millenniums. Many famous expeditions have come to a halt on the islands. Most famous is Columbus, who sailed out in 1492 and discovered America.

Lord Belson attacked Santa Cruz in 1797 but lost the battle. The cannon ”El Tigre” that caused him to lose his right arm, is showed in the military museum in Santa Cruz.

Around 1960 tourism began to take effect. Focus on tourism rose and has continued to rise untill today. In the south the previously fishing village Los Cristianos is now a holiday village grown together with the newly established Playa de las Americas; a hotel village with lots of activity (but no sight seeings worth mentioning).

The Canary Islands are part of the Spanish Kingdom, but it’s not part of the European Union and the free trade area.

The original inhabitants, the Guanches, are extinct but came perhaps from Africa. They lived in rock caves. You can see findings such as tools in the museums.

Unfortunately Tenerife has also been caught in the desire to build hotels and golf courses. One may fear, that the island in time will become a ”new Mallorca”. South of Los Cristianos at Ten Bel, buildings are popping up. We fear that it will result in overcapacity, which lead to empty shops, restaurants and hotels, that furthermore leads to a depressing environment, that keeps tourists away.

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