Barranco del Infierno

Deep and narrow valleys take their beginning on the middle of the island and end up at the sea. Over the years, water has worked its way through the rocks and has created the gigantic valleys. The most famous is Barranco del Infierno at Adeje a little north to Playa de las Americas

You can get there by bus route 473 or 416 from the middle of Playa de las Americas, or from the bus station. A single ticket costs 1 – 2 euro.

That Barranco Del Infierno har been closed – and still are - to the public the last few years because of rock slides .

Don’t miss out on this trip, but prepare yourself to spend the entire day at the sight.

Get off the bus in Adeje and walk up the main street past the church, which, by the way, was build in the 16. century. Take the road on the left and continue on to General Nelsens canone. The road that rises quite a lot takes you to the ”Valley of hell” – The Barranco del Infierno. Expect to spend about three hours on the trip and remember beverages and suiteable footwear, as it can be a warm and demanding trip.

The first thing you notice is a dry and desert-like landscape with a lot of spurge, but further down in the valley, the landscape changes and is more vigorous. Just before you reach the bottom of the valley, you should look up and take a look at the steep rock sides. Here is found some of the densiest stands with dragon blood trees.

When the Barranco ends, you find a steep rock side and a waterfall. This is worth the whole trip. Unfortunately, it has been short of water the least few years, we don’t know why.

Bring a lunch pack and beverages and enjoy your meal at the bottom of the waterfall before you head back.

Start of early and head back before it gets dark. It’s a fantastic experience. 
Before you head back on the bus, you may enjoy a cold beer in one of the sidewalk restaurants of the main street.

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